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Name & Résume

HATS Countryvenner

First of all, let’s us tell you guys what “HATS Countryvenner” means, let’s start with HATS, Hevring Amatør Theater Selskab in Danish and if you translate that to English it means “Hevring Amateur Theatre Company” and if you shorten it down it’s “HATS”. Then we have “Countryvenner”, and this one is pretty easy, in English it’s basically “Countryfriends”, and the final result, “HATS Countryvenner”

We are some who like the music genre called country, besides that we love to help create a community for the country genre, by arranging events for people who like the same music as us.

Everything happens at our home ground, the Blue Whale in Hevring. In addition to music events, we also organize flea and cobbler markets throughout the year. In addition to this, we also give a helping hand to other events that will be held in the Blue Whale.

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The Beginning & Country night

How did it start?

How does something like this start? - It is almost many years ago, in 2006 one came and asked if we should not organize any country party/music in Hevring, but this costs money and if it could not now run around, who should pay. The questioner failed to be present when the conversation about economics came up. But then there was someone who said I would like to put my monthly salary on high! Well, we do it, we owe a huge thank you to Henny Pedersen, without her fresh courage we would not have started and still are.

Henny is still there, but her monthly salary is no longer needed - yah!

To make our big event “COUNTRY - NIGHT on DJURSLAND” work as we wanted, a working group of 11 people was appointed to make it the overall fit. Hereunder approx. 35 people helping with various tasks up to the day and the day of an event.